Objectives of Performance Testing

When determining the objectives of a performance testing, you need to identify the risk or change. Performance testing is determined after you refine objectives, correlate with real business scenarios, architectural objectives with mapping and points and to verify and validate activities.

You can also identify objectives of performance testing to target budgets, identify metrics, capture thresholds, and then gather the test results. Performance testing objectives, refers to a goal of quality service. It also refers to resource levels, metrics and response times- when dealing with transactions. These objectives can be accomplished with tools like LoadRunner, Load View, and other tools from companies like Apache.

Determining performance testing is especially used by administrators, developers, and architects. Many IT technology companies also train individuals and provide materials, which explains a lot.

You can review a project plan and an architectural one, through small groups, while reviewing the project plan- and you will need to ask questions about the plan- relating to risk, metrics, performance budgets, and fundamental options. You can also review the hardware between iteration and the last iteration. When reviewing architectural data, you can do it physically or logically- to determine parameters, metrics and validations.

When you begin to perform the performance testing process, it should include- trying to find out the deployment, the production, input data for scalability, assist with development teams, configure options, detect bottlenecks (with tools like LoadView), and determine Service Level Agreements (SLA’s), and contract regulations. Thresholds and targets are specified metrics analysis. These targets and thresholds are time consuming, but you are able to process and sustain defects within seconds to get test results. Performance targets show value and conditions, which is specified in terms of response time, to equate project goals.

The process also require you to capture resources, budgets, identify metrics, communicate results, conduct case studies, stay aware of changing budgets, targets, and objectives.

Determining performance testing objectives involves communications with a team, to determine the metrics, data, loads, stress levels, and analyst. It’s always valuable to collect the test results, and find out from the team, if you need objectives added.